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Advanced English.


The purpose of this workshop is to identify the right job for you and to provide a step-by-step guide on how to ace a job interview and handle a wide range of situations in order to get and keep the job you want.



Identifying the right job for you: baseline questions. Characteristics of an effective CV (format, sections and style). Common CV mistakes. What not to include in your CV. How to write a compelling cover letter. Locating a job opportunity. Types of collar workers. Types of job interviews. Why many interviers fail. How to prepare for a job interview. During the interview. Tests the selection process may include. How to handle an inexperienced interviewer. Typical interview questions. Hardball questions. Questions the interviewee should ask. What not to ask. Follow-up. How to keep the job you want. Being a freelancer and working from home. Business acronyms and idioms you must know. 

Laura Castellví

Laura Castellví is a sworn translator, a literary, technical and scientific translator and simultaneous interpreter. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English, Magna Cum Laude, from Hawaii Pacific University, where she received three scholarships for her academic performance. She has been working as an English teacher, translator and interpreter for the past thirty years either as a freelancer or under an employment contract, and has held other positions as far ranging as Staff Editor for two American magazines, a recruiter for an American NGO, Foreign trade Expediter for an oil company and Full Professor of Writing and Language. A few years ago, she taught "Introduction to Literature and the Southern Gothic Literary Genre" at CTPCBA. She writes fiction quite regularly and is the author of an unpublished novel. Several of her short stories received literary awards, including CTPCBA's Julio Cortázar Contest first prize, and some of her poems were published in Genre magazine.


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  • General: $ 885
  • Estudiante: $ 745

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